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Since 1987 Beehive Computers has provided business organizations throughout southern and central New Hampshire with attentive, proactive, and highly responsive computer service and related activities.
We are strongly committed to become the finest outsourced business service company in the area. By building on the traditional strengths of our organization, Beehive is poised to evolve into an organization which can partner with our clients to truly become their outsourced IT department. The advantages our clients realize from this type of relationship are many. Call us today for more information about how Beehive can improve the internal operations and efficiencies of your organization.

Need Virus Protection?

This is Webroot SecureAnywhere Managed Endpoint Protection.
If you would like more details please feel free to contact us!
This really works!

You must be careful. Most searches for this will lead you to a standalone product which is not managed, and that product is as useless as all of the other conventional anti-malware products in the marketplace.

The version we provide is cloud-based, and it is managed from a console at our facility. We are tapped into a cloud database of every single (over 54 TB) kinetic profile that has ever been found during actual attacks, and this number actually grows as every instance or occurance is recorded worldwide.

Unlike the usual boxed anti-malware packages, it does not contain a large, ever-updating, signature database. It does not look for files. It looks for any and all activity, and uses heuristics (pattern recognition) to intercept processes as they start. If the process is suspicious due to recognizable patterns, or launched by anything without a trusted certificate, it halts it immediately, and launches a scan. This scan lasts 1-2 minutes typically, and not 1-2 hours or more like a file scan.

I personally spent 2 entire days throwing every bad thing I know of at it, and believe me I know a lot, and it simply could not be fooled. It actually will work effectively as an after-the-fact removal tool for any running infection.

Again, it is not a file scanner, so it will not clean up any orphaned and inactive leftovers from infections. It only recognizes kinetic (running) malware. This is what makes it a hugely effective zero-time protection tool, and lightning fast!

The actual file on your computer is under 1 megabyte, and uses basically no resources. All the work is done at our console, using the cloud database.

It is a revolutionary service, and we are proud to be a part of it! The price of this service is $50 per year for computer installations. This includes online support, and a guarantee that it will prevent 100% of malware from corrupting your computer. Should an infection slip through, we will fully clean up your computer at no charge!

Remember, however, that the end user is completely responsible for all data backup, and neither Webroot nor Beehive Computers will ever be responsible for lost data under any circumstances. All data should be backed up to an external device regularly and disconnected from the system.

We still do our normal cleanups, of course.

Quality, Professionalism, and Value.

Beehive Computers is dedicated in establishing a relationship with you or your business to meet your long-term IT challenges and needs. We accomplish this through a skillful combination of personalized customer service, professional results, and a reasonable cost structure. Contact us today to discover how we can provide solutions to whatever your technology requirements happen to be.

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